Luxury Dog Boarding in Whitefish, Montana

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Dog Boarding

Deluxe Kennels in The Bunk House
Three Dog Ranch provides year round boarding in our Bunk House where our canine guests enjoy radiant heat floors, flat screen TVs with satellite TV – 1 for every 2 kennels, 6 playtimes per day, and Kuranda Beds.

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Luxury Kennels at The Inn
For that special ranch retreat, try one of our luxury suites at The Inn, located in a cozy home environment with soft lighting, TV & music. Guests enjoy orthopedic beds, blankets, & toys plus “house time” opportunities with other guests. Plus, we offer a selection of high quality foods such as Prairie or Blackwood, or you are welcome to bring your own. Attached to the General Store – Luxury boarding accommodations with only 6 luxury kennels – a quiet environment with more one on one attention with staff. (Luxury suite visitors must be quiet, house-broken, friendly, and non-chewers. Guests must be approved by the Three Dog Ranch Staff for these special accommodations.)

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Doggie Den
TDR's newest area - seven kennels in a cozy atmosphere. Located in the Doghouse lower level, A/C and heated for your pets comfort. The same high quality care TDR is known for.

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Small Town
The perfect environment for smaller guests.  Dogs under 30 lbs have their own spot!  A two-room area with TV, comfy beds and an armchair to get some lap time!  Dogs in this area should do well with other dogs, as they get time together both inside and outside in their own play yard.  Dogs are crated for nap time, dinner time, and overnight.  

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Day Boarding
Traveling with the family dog or need a safe and comfortable place for your pets to enjoy when you’re busy? Three Dog Ranch offers Day Boarding from 8 AM – 5:30 PM daily. Guests enjoy the same kennels and play time that our overnight guests enjoy. Note that dogs are not allowed on the trails in Glacier National Park, so if you are traveling with your dogs, Three Dog Ranch can look after them for the day while you enjoy the Park.

Every guest is provided with six play outings a day in addition to individual attention. At Three Dog Ranch, we pride ourselves on providing that extra care & attention your canine family members deserve!

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Play Care
Drop you best friend off for a full or half day of play! Our Play Care offers socialization, both human and dog companionship and exercise in a safe and loving environment!*

Playcare is located in our large yard, Luxury kennels and/or Toy Town area. Packages must be used within 1 year of purchase.

*Play Care is for social dogs that have been tested and approved for this service.

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Dog Boarding Provides

  • All new privacy kennels and no-skid floors
  • Six play times per day in The Corral
  • Televisions at every kennel
  • Radiant Heat Floors provide warmth and comfort
  • Outdoor covered patios
  • Kuranda Beds allow guests to relax in comfort off the ground
  • Individual attention, playtime with us!
  • (All rates include six exercise sessions daily.)

Back in August, we were vacationing/camping in the Whitefish/Kalispell/Glacier area, you were kind enough to take in our 2 dirty dogs (Teddy, the Westie and Kate, the CairnX) for a day of care and much needed baths.

We just wanted to say thank you. You were so open to helping us out, and when we saw your facility and talked with you, we had no reservations in leaving our ‘kid-nines’ with you. We knew they would be treated with kindness – it showed through in your love for dogs and animals.

We look forward to coming back your way and will certainly bring in Ted and Kate for more of your royal care!

Thanks again…
Alexis L.

Boarding, Day Care, Toy Town, Play Care Prices:


Deluxe Kennels
in The Bunk House

Regular Size Kennel
(4x6 inside, 4x10 outside)
1 Dog - $22.00/day
2 Dogs - $32.00/day
3 Dogs - $40.00/day
4 Dogs - $46.00/day

Large Kennel
(6x6 inside, 6x10 outside)
1 Dog - $38.00/day
2 Dogs - $38.00/day
3 Dogs - $48.00/day
4 Dogs - $58.00/day

Double Kennel
(2 regular kennels with middle divider removed)
2 Dogs - $44.00/day
3 Dogs - $54.00/day
4 Dogs - $60.00/day

Day Boarding (Bunkhouse)
8 am - 5:30 pm

$19.00/1 dog per day
$29.00/2 dog per day
$38.00/3 dog per day
$58.00/4 dog per day

*multiple dog rates are for 1 kennel unless otherwise specified

CHECKOUT TIME is 11:00 a.m. or you are charged another night of boarding.

Luxury Kennels
at The Inn

Luxury Kennel
1 Dog - $32.00/day
2 Dogs - $44.00/day
3 Dogs - $54.00/day
4 Dogs - $64.00/day

Small Town
(for dogs under 30 lbs.)
1 Dog - $27.00/day
2 Dogs - $42.00/day
(same kennel)

Doggie Den
1 Dog - $27.00/day
2 Dogs - $42.00/day
(same kennel)

Play Care
All day 7:30 to 5:30
1 Dog - $19.00/day
5 Day Package - $90.00
10 Day Package - $170.00
20 Day Package - $320.00

Half Day - 7:30 - 11 AM
or 2 - 5:30 $11.00/per half-day
10 Half Days Package - $90.00
20 Half Days Package - $180.00

Day Boarding (Luxury)
8 am - 5:30 pm

$32.00/1 dog per day
$44.00/2 dog per day
$54.00/3 dog per day
$64.00/4 dog per day

After Surgery Care is available in our Luxury Kennels. Pricing is according to your dog's special needs. Please call for a price quote.

Special feeding and medication schedules: An additional charge of up to $5 per meal per dog may be charged for medication schedules that take up a significant amount of time. Please ask for information regarding this new policy.

Extra Services

(per Dog )
1 Dose - $1.00


Special Meal
Per Meal - $1.00


Pet Taxi
1 hour - $25.00


After Hrs Pickup/Drop off
Fee automatically added after
1800 hours







Boarding Requirments

Vaccination Requirements

To protect your pet and others, we require the following vaccinations. We need a copy of vaccination records from your vet. You may have your vet fax these in advance of your stay, or bring them with you the day you drop off.

  • DHPP (Every 12 months)
  • Rabies (Every 3 years)
  • Bordetella (Every 12 months)

Health Requirements

All dogs must be healthy upon their arrival. Any injury or illness may prevent their stay. If your pet is recovering from surgery, please call to see if we can provide needed services. Wound care or medication may be an extra charge.

All dogs must be clean and free from fleas and ticks upon their arrival. If you do not have time to bathe, we will provide this service. Please call to schedule an arrival bath for your dog.










Other Information
Please feel free to bring along your pet’s favorite blanket or bed, to make your pet a little more comfortable. Toys and rawhide bones may also be brought (please limit your toys to two). We are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

We suggest you bring your own dog food. Please bring it in a plastic bag, such as a garbage bag or large baggie, and we will place in a container for safe keeping.


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Deluxe Large Kennel in The Bunk House Deluxe Large Kennel in The Bunk House
Luxury Kennels at The Inn
Luxury Kennels at The Inn
Toy Town Luxury Small Dog Boarding
Mid Town Luxury Medium Dog Boarding
Small Town
Deluxe Boarding at The Bunk House
Deluxe Kennels in The Bunk House
Luxury Kennels at The Inn
Luxury Kennels at The Inn
Doggie Den
Doggie Den
Toy Town Luxury Small Dog Boarding
Small Town
LCD TVs in The Bunk House
Deluxe Kennels in The Bunk House
Play Time in The Corral
Play Time in The Corral

The Outside Corral
The Corral

Kip Delux Boarding
Kip in Deluxe Boarding

Skeet & Fenway in the Corral
Skeeter & Fenway in the Corral

Ginger in the Corral
Ginger getting love...



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